EDUAR’s story

EDUAR’s story!!
EDUAR is the brand name of Alzzam Education’s futuristic education products.
“EDUAR” is a portmanteau that combines the words “education” and “AR.”
It offers futuristic and imaginative experiences that combine fun playing
with pleasant learning.

Improve your creativity, thinking skills, observational abilities, concentration
and scientific knowledge with EDUAR.

EduAR은 Education의 Edu와 Augmented Reality의 AR의 합성어로 브랜드를 나타내는 단어 자체입니다.
Through AR/VR based on 3D content — Alzzam Education Corp. produces teaching tools and toys for infants while planning and developing a variety of content, including cards and coloring books. It is easy for children to access the books, as using the AR and VR is simple once you download the EDUAR application to your smartphone or tablet.
With cutting-edge IT technology such as AR, VR, and holograms, children can access educational material about animals, the solar system and more, which allows them to learn while having fun. That is the goal of EDUAR.

  • AR [Augmented Reality]
    A technology that combines reality and 3D virtual images
  • VR[Virtual Reality]
    A technology that uses virtual images in a perfect digital environment that excludes reality